Tired of hearing about events at the last minute?

Keep in the loop with a no-nonsense newsletter of Triangle NC bellydance events delivered on the 1st and 15th of each month.

To keep things focused, this newsletter will only include local dance-related special events with an in-person element (not weekly classes or online-only events).

What does the newsletter include? 

You'll receive a twice monthly newsletter of local Triangle, NC events related to bellydance (raqs sharqi) and associated fusion styles.

✔️ Workshops

✔️ Performances

✔️ Festivals

✔️ Showcases and Other Performance Opportunities

✔️ Social Events

✔️ Lectures

✔️ Fundraisers

✔️...and more! 

This newsletter focuses on local special events. To keep things focused, we will not include: 

❌ Weekly reoccurring classes or practice sessions

❌ Online only events 

❌ Events that might appeal to bellydancers, but don't specifically involve bellydance (e.g. a yoga retreat, a ballet performance)

❌ Events outside the Triangle, NC area. Events outside the area but within a reasonable driving distance may be published on a case-by-case basis.

For more information or to submit an event to this newsletter, email Lina at lina@rhythmandrhinestones.com or reach out via Instagram @rhythmandrhinestones.

See event submission guidelines for this newsletter at rhythmandrhinestones.com/eventsubmission.