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Here's what I'm all about

Aim for movement, not perfection

Dance doesn't have to be about "doing it right". When you hyperfocus on perfection, it's easy to get caught in a spiral of negativity that makes it hard to find enjoyment in movement. My classes are designed to keep you constantly in motion and out of your own head.

Efficiency isn't everything - keep it fun

Sure, you can cram a max-intensity full body workout into 20 minutes. But if that's not what you're into, it does matter how short it is - you're still going to be miserable. I believe consistent movement you actually enjoy is a heck of a lot more important than max workout efficiency, and my classes reflect that.

Embrace body neutrality

Accept and respect your body, even if it isn't the way you'd prefer it to be. You don't have to look a certain way or have certain abilities to enjoy fitness, dance, or other movement arts. I want you to find motivation in the way movement feels, not the way you think it will make you look.

Come as you are, respect who everyone else is

Everyone is welcome, regardless of dance/fitness level, age, gender, appearance, disability, sexuality, or anything else. Just don't be a jerk, ok? As long as you genuinely respect others in the class, you're cool with me. 

Curiosity, not fantasy

Raqs sharqi (more commonly known as bellydance) is a globally beloved art form with roots in the folk dances of the Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic, and Turkish regions. It's not a divine dance of ancient goddesses or mystical women's circles. Replacing the history of this dance with fantasy erases the contributions of the cultures from which it was born. I encourage you to ditch the fantasy for facts and seek out sources of origin (which I am not) to continue learning.